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18 high-paying work-from-home jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic – Business Insider

18 high-paying work-from-home jobs amid the coronavirus pandemic – Business Insider

These are high paying jobs you can do remotely while social distancing at home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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17. Front-end developers design the visuals of websites and apps. They typically make between $47,000-$108,000 a year.

Front-end developers design a website’s visuals.


Front-end developers produce code that makes up the visual and navigation elements of a website or app. The role typically requires back-end or visual design experience, such as SQL, Java, PHP, Ruby, or .NET.

16. Marketing directors lead marketing projects. They typically make between $47,000-$149,000 a year.

Marketing directors make and oversee marketing campaigns.

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Marketing directors lead marketing departments. They research and analyze trends to develop marketing plans and campaigns. Marketing director roles typically require a bachelor’s degree and marketing experience.

15. Clinical psychologists help people manage their mental health. They typically make between $48,000-$113,000 a year.

Psychologists help people with mental health issues.

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Clinical psychologists use therapy to help people manage addiction and mental health issues.  The role typically requires a research-based doctorate in a related field.

14. Senior account managers deal with customer relationships. They typically make between $49,000–$110,000 a year.

Account managers work directly with clients.

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Account managers create and maintain customer relationships by handling client communications and understanding client needs, generating sales. The role typically requires at least 10 years of experience.

13. PR directors manage a company’s public image. They typically make between $49,000-$140,000 a year.

Public relations directors typically manage a team.

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Public relations directors lead a team that manages the public’s perception of a company by writing press releases, creating media kits, and overseeing public events. The role typically requires a bachelor’s degree and at least 10 years of experience.

12. Mobile developers make apps and typically make between $50,000-$113,000 a year.

Mobile developers create apps.

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Mobile developers make and fix apps. The role typically requires an understanding of both smartphone and computer operating systems. 

11. Technical support managers run tech support teams. They typically make between $50,000-$119,000 a year.

Technical support managers oversee tech support.

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Technical support managers resolve technical issues and manage tech support employees. They are typically responsible for installing hardware and software and providing on-call support, as well as staying updated on the newest technologies. 

10. Privacy officers audit companies to ensure they’re following privacy practices. They typically make between $50,000-$138,000 a year.

Privacy officers handle security breaches.

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Privacy officers make sure companies are following privacy practices and procedures by auditing them, conducting risk assessments and reduction strategies, and handling any breaches or privacy issues. The role typically requires a degree in a technical field.

9. Cybersecurity analysts guard information on computers. They typically make between $51,000–$117,000 a year.

Cyber security analysts keep computer networks and systems safe.

AP/Andre Penner

Cybersecurity analysts protect a company’s computer networks and systems. They research IT information technology (IT) trends, look for security breaches, and plan for potential security issues. The position typically requires experience with IT work.

8. Medical writers convert scientific data into consumable articles and documents. They typically make between $53,000-$103,000 a year.

Medical writers break down scientific data for articles and documents.

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Medical writers write articles and documents that clearly present technical and scientific data. They typically work for biotech companies, pharmaceuticals, and universities to present information about a product or study to health officials. The job requires knowledge of medical terms and processes. 

Certification with the American Medical Writers Association is not required of all medical writers, but it’s seen as a bonus. The certification means one has two years of experience in the medical communications field and passed the Medical Writing Certification Examination.

The certification was a collaborative effort by the Medical Writing Certification Commission and the American Medical Writers Association. It shows that one has proven their competence and knowledge to both organizations. 

7. Product managers run product development processes. They typically make between $54,000-$121,000 a year.

Product managers oversee product development

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Product managers lead product development by setting strategies and defining product features. They are responsible for guiding a product’s development from concept to completion based on their analysis of market conditions. 

6. Research engineers make research-backed products for various industries. They typically make between $58,000-$120,000 a year.

Research engineers use their research to create products.

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Research engineers make new products using information and data they gather for electrical, medical, mechanical, aerospace, or software companies. The role requires an engineering degree.

5. Finance directors manage company departments that handle money. They typically make between $61,000–$161,000 a year.

Finance directors make budgets.

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Finance directors oversee a company’s finance department. They asses finances and establish budgets and other financial strategies. Finance directors typically need a master’s degree in business administration, finance, or economics.

4. Clinical trial managers oversee clinical trials. They typically make between $65,000–$131,000 a year.

Clinical trial managers make sure trials are safe.

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Clinical trial managers are responsible for making sure clinical trials are safe and run smoothly. They recruit patients for trials, review results, and adjust the structure when necessary.  Clinical trial managers must have strong medical knowledge along with a bachelor’s degree in a related field.

3. Art directors oversee the visual aspects of products and publications. They typically make between $66,000–$101,000 a year.

Art directors can work remotely.

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Art directors come up with and present visual ideas for magazines, newspapers, websites, and product packaging. They also manage designers and other staff members that work on visuals. Art directors need a bachelor’s degree in art or a related field as well as previous work experience.

2. A cloud designer creates cloud apps. They typically make between $71,000–$160,000 a year.

Cloud architects design and manage cloud computing strategies.


Cloud architects design cloud apps and manage cloud computing strategies for companies. Cloud apps are apps that store data on internet servers. They need knowledge of operating systems, networking, programming languages, and cloud security.

1. Medical directors run health organizations. They typically make between $130,000-$270,000 a year.

Medical directors oversee healthcare organization operations.

Thomson Reuters

Medical directors make rules and lead staff members within a healthcare organization. The role typically requires a medical degree. It’s one of the highest-paying remote jobs, since it’s a physician-level role that oversees the operations of an entire organization. 


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