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PayFbit, an upcoming unique & powerful platform has announced an Airdrop Campaign and Private Sale of PFBT Tokens. This event is focused on increasing awareness about PayFbit’s unique wallet platform. As an introductory celebration, the PayFbit is offering free redeemable candies to users. Also, Private Sale is live through several cryptocurrencies. Very Soon, Public Sale/Crowd Sale will be live. Kindly go through the roadmap on

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the Private Sale.

PayFbit YouTube Channel Link Below:-

What is PayFbit?

PayFbit is upcoming smart blockchain-based payment solution for managing digital assets & fiat currencies. The whole solution has been designed to provide Safe, Secure & Smart payment ecosystems for enabling users to realize the benefits of cryptocurrencies in their day to day lives.

The projects described in detail on their website seem to revolve around a single core goal: To help cryptocurrencies to go fast in mainstream & empowers users various advantages of making transactions using blockchain technology by using our unique crypto wallet platform for their day to day utilities with ease on their fingertips using mobile devices & others. lists several features complementing cryptocurrency and places a focus on user-friendliness & utilities. It is a powerful & unique wallet platform that allows users to hold, send-receive, Convert and spend digital assets securely with ease on fingertips with complete control of their assets knowing they are protected. It is finely designed keeping end users comfort & control for making day to day transactions with flexibility. Users will enjoy using features of this unique payment ecosystem & make their life easier.

The PayFbit is owned by Fortune Returns Limited based in the UK & features 4 independent products.

1) The First Multipurpose integrated Digital Wallet of its kind: PayFbit Wallet.

2) The Exchange: PayFbit Trading Exchange.

3) PayFbit P2P Exchange.

4) PayFbit Smart Card.

PayFbit’s PFBT token will be the access pass to all these services. The token is built on the reputable Ethereum blockchain and is fully compatible with the ERC-20 standards.

The official PayFbit’s website has detailed view of their journey planned & several unique features of platform which makes them stand out of competition.

How to Participate in Airdrop Campaign?

You can participate by signing up through their website: and get 10000 PayFbit candies in reward.

Get Reward of 5000 PayFbit Candies, once your referred contact signup to the platform using your unique referral link.

Complete your KYC and get an extra 5000 PayFbit candies.

Get Reward of 100 PayFbit candies daily by signing to the platform.

Private Sale is also kicked off. You can participate by signing up and can buy tokens through several cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, Litecoin, DASH and Tether (USDT).   Earn 10% extra tokens by referring your friends in Private Sale.

Who is Eligible for Airdrop?

All users are eligible for the PayFbit Airdrop. Joining and referral bonuses will be provided to the new users.

When do I get my Candies redeemed into tokens?

The PayFbit candies will be converted into PFBT tokens once after listing in exchanges.

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