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The shooting was reported at 223 Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.Google Street View

  • An active shooter situation was reported in Jersey City, New Jersey, early Tuesday afternoon.
  • According to radio transmission heard by, at least one officer has been shot, and there appears to be another victim in the bodega where the gunfire is coming from.
  • Officers were heard on radio transmission saying that two gunmen inside the bodega are shooting at everyone who moves near the store, as well as at the school across the street.
  • Authorities haven’t confirmed the number of victims. The gunman is believed to still be at large.
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An active shooter situation was reported at a bodega in Jersey City, New Jersey, with at least one officer injured so far, according to local reports.

The incident was reported early Tuesday afternoon at 223 Martin Lither King Drive, which officers described as a bodega in radio transmissions heard by

The officers said that two gunmen have been shooting at anyone who comes near, and that they’ve been shooting at the school across the street as well, according to CBS New York reported there are two suspects, a male and a female.

We need a lot of prayers right now for Jersey City officers. Keep all those involved in your thoughts.

— New Jersey State PBA (@NJSPBA)
December 10, 2019

Schools in the are have been put on lockdown, according to CBS New York. Police said in radio transmission that the street has been cleared of people.

According to, the two gunmen reportedly arrived in the area in a moving van, each carrying long guns into the bodega.

A person appeared to be shot inside the store, near the front entrance, and an officer was shot at Bayview Cemetery about a mile away, reported.

The New Jersey police union tweeted shortly after 1 p.m.: “We need a lot of prayers right now for Jersey City police officers. Keep all those involved in your thoughts.”

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