Father finds missing 10-year-old boy Lewis Edwards hiding in a bush

Extraordinary moment father discovers his missing 10-year-old son crying in a bush after huge 18-hour search involving a police helicopter, sniffer dogs and dozens of volunteers

  • Lewis Edwards, ten, had not been seen for 18 hours since 7.30pm yesterday
  • The boy’s bicycle was later found on a path nearby with a helmet next to it 
  • Mother and father found him in bush at 1.30pm today in Cheshire village of Styal
  • Police helicopter hovered and two search groups with seven dogs helped out 

By Mark Duell for MailOnline

Published: 13:00 BST, 30 July 2019 | Updated: 18:19 BST, 30 July 2019

This is the extraordinary moment a father was reunited with his missing ten-year-old son today after he and his fiancé found the boy hiding in a bush. 

Lewis Edwards was found this afternoon, having been missing since he left his grandmother’s home in Styal, Cheshire, on his bicycle at 7.30pm last night.

But father Scott Boughton – who said he had been out overnight looking for his son ‘everywhere’ – found him safe and well 18 hours later at 1.30pm today.  

The moment the father of Lewis Edwards finds him in a bush in Styal, Cheshire, this afternoon

Lewis, who was found this afternoon (left), had not been since he vanished yesterday evening

The father, joined by the boy’s mother Rosie Jo, clutches his son today following a huge police search operation in Cheshire

Mr Boughton and the boy’s mother Rosie Jo found him after a huge search effort with the parents updating well-wishers on Facebook. 

Earlier, Mr Boughton had said: ‘We’ve been out since 8pm last night. We’ve searched everywhere, every field. I don’t know what to do. I just want my son back.’ 

Moments after speaking to reporters, Mr Broughton said he was going to start searching for Lewis himself – and a few minutes later he had found his son. 

Dozens of people including Lewis’s mother Rosie had been out looking for the boy, who is from Wythenshawe – part of south Manchester, four miles from Styal.

Residents in the Wilmslow area had been asked to search their gardens, garages and sheds for the boy, in case Lewis had stayed somewhere overnight. 

This is the moment Lewis was found in a bush in Cheshire by his parents this afternoon

The boy’s father carries him after they found him hiding in a bush in the village of Styal

The boy’s bicycle was discovered on a woodland pathway near his home with a helmet next to it, before his father found him hours later in the bush.  

A witness said Lewis was found only 10 to 15 yards away from where his bicycle was discovered, although it was unclear if he had been in the same place all night.

Following his son’s disappearance, Mr Boughton had said on Facebook: ‘He ran away from his nana’s house in style at 8pm yesterday.

‘Me and Rosie Jo have been searching for him all night through fields, country lanes, everywhere. We have just found his bike abandoned in an alleyway.

Two groups from the Calderdale Search and Rescue Team with seven dogs helped officers

‘He has only a purple T-shirt on and it rained hard last night. I really think something really bad has happened. If anyone has seen him please let us know.’

Earlier, a police helicopter hovered overheard, and two groups from the Calderdale Search and Rescue Team with seven dogs helped officers with their search.

Lewis has links to neighbouring Wythenshawe, and officers from Cheshire Police had suggested that he could have been travelling towards the area.

He was described as 4ft 6in and slim with short, dark blonde hair and two stripes shaved onto the side. He was wearing a purple T-shirt and jeans when he left home.

A footpath in the village of Styal where a bicycle was found in the search for ten-year-old Lewis

Residents told of a large police presence in the Cheshire village today. A patrol car is pictured

Residents in the Wilmslow area had been asked to search their gardens, garages and sheds

Residents told of a large police presence in the locality today. Numerous police cars, search and rescue teams as well as the police helicopter were seen in the area.

This afternoon, a police spokesman said: ‘We are pleased to report that the 10-year-old boy who was missing from the Wilmslow area has been found safe and well. 

‘A big thank you to everyone that shared our appeal and to all those who offered their help and support. 

Earlier, Chief Inspector Jez Taylor, who was co-ordinating the search, said how the force had become ‘increasingly concerned’ about the whereabouts of Lewis.


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